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Saturday, October 1st

Blanc-Sablon’s community shone bright during the voting period, coming together to celebrate the warmth of their hometown. Inhabitants of this Lower North Shore municipality demonstrated their excitement about SiriusXM Music Town, highlighting Blanc-Sablon’s uniqueness and welcoming spirit.

Named after the fine white sand of its eponymous bay, the lively yet tiny community of Blanc-Sablon serves as the gateway to the eastern end of Lower North Shore.

Although small, with a population of just 1,122 residents, the town of Blanc-Sablon is a tight-knit community with a big heart – a place where everyone knows your name. However, the town has never hosted any big-name acts.

The mouth of the Blanc-Sablon River is home to an extraordinary concentration of archaeological sites, dating from the arrival of humans to the Lower North Shore some 9,000 years ago up until the 16th century. These finds represent the earliest archaeological contact sites between Indigenous Peoples and Europeans in all of Canada.

Blanc-Sablon has won an epic concert from


2Frères is a folk-rock duo composed of brothers Sonny and Erik Caouette. Winners of Group or Duo of The Year at the ADISQ Gala in 2016, their song “Sous le même toit” became their 12th number 1, a record in Quebec music history.