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Located on the north shore of the Bay of Quinte, the beautiful community of Belleville is an underrated cultural destination in Southern Ontario.

With gorgeous Victorian homes, waterfront residences, more than 55 parks, and a vibrant cultural scene with thriving local businesses, Belleville offers the services and features of a big city all within a close-knit community.

For nature lovers and cycling enthusiasts, Belleville boasts more than 26km of hiking and cycling trails that meander along the Bay of Quinte and Moira River, open all year round.

Known as the ‘friendly city’, Belleville plays host to numerous festivals and events throughout the year, and its arts and cultural scene comes alive annually during the Mayor’s Week of the Arts. This much-loved event features an air festival, performances by the Quinte Symphony and the Impish Grins, and the Chamber of Commerce Family Funfest.

As Belleville sits between Ottawa and Toronto, the community often misses out on the big name bands that skip over the town to play in the larger cities. As a friendly community committed to supporting arts and culture, it would be huge thrill for Belleville to host its own big name concert by winning SiriusXM Music Town.

One lucky town in Ontario will win an epic concert from


Walk off the Earth is an award-winning musical phenomenon from Toronto. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what artists can do, the group have just released their first single of 2022, “Bet on Me,” with many live performances on the horizon.