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Orangeville, located near Lake Ontario in Dufferin County, has a thriving arts scene and an enormous love of music.

As Orangeville is a bedroom community to Toronto, many big-name acts pass on by in favour of the concert halls in the big city. Nevertheless, residents celebrate music at Orangeville’s own Jazz and Blues Festival, and the community loves to gather together for a good time.

Historic downtown of Orangeville is still very much alive. While the town experienced enormous growth and expansion in recent years, some buildings remain much as they were when they were built 120 years ago. The early days of a prosperous, successful county town are still here. Fun fact: the popular Canadian TV comedy, Schitt’s Creek was filmed just outside Orangeville.

During the pandemic, the community’s volunteer spirit kicked into high gear and people gathered together to help one another. Winning a SiriusXM concert would be a wonderful way to thank the community and its volunteers for all their efforts to help their fellow residents during stressful days of the pandemic.

One lucky town in Ontario will win an epic concert from


Walk off the Earth is an award-winning musical phenomenon from Toronto. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what artists can do, the group have just released their first single of 2022, “Bet on Me,” with many live performances on the horizon.