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Situated in the Oak Ridges Moraine, Uxbridge is a beautiful community currently rebuilding after a devastating tornado that struck the region earlier this spring.

Home to more than 20,000 residents, this quaint town enjoys a robust arts community and breathtaking surrounding landscapes.

In May of 2022, disaster struck this beautiful community when a tornado ripped through the town, destroying homes, demolishing trees, and damaging spirits. The town quickly rallied together to help friends, neighbours, and business owners. Residents opened up their homes to those displaced by the tornado, brought food and water to those without, provided generators to those without power, and helped clean up the debris.

Winning SiriusXM Music Town would give a tremendous boost to the town’s morale following such a devastating event, and an opportunity for the community to come together again, but this time for a joyous occasion.

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Walk off the Earth is an award-winning musical phenomenon from Toronto. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what artists can do, the group have just released their first single of 2022, “Bet on Me,” with many live performances on the horizon.